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Bungalow House Plans

Bungalow House Plans

House Plans Provide Homeowners with an Affordable Home Design

If you want a home that has plenty of creativity and functionality without paying the price, a bungalow house design is the way to go. The name originally comes from a housing style for a single family home found in India, called a bangla or bangala. However, it is designed with certain style elements to match the modern American lifestyle. Combinations of the English arts and crafts movement with the far Eastern wooden architecture are what make this design highly desired. The final look of the home provides homeowners with a simple, yet efficient home plan. The exterior is often created to give a welcoming feel that carries on throughout the interior of the home.


Bungalow Home Designs Bring Laid Back Living to You

Although a bungalow style house plan is known to be more affordable than other architectural styles, they will still display the details that you would normally find in the more expensive homes. The exterior will generally be made of rustic wood or stucco with a stone-based porch. The porches are usually deep in design and open to the street to provide an additional living area where homeowners and their guests can enjoy throughout the day and night. Porches include tapered square columns to further enhance the easy living atmosphere.

Roofs are typically low-pitched and shingled with exposed eave brackets. Many windows are found throughout the exterior walls to give the exterior a welcoming look for neighbors and guests. Leaded or stained glass windows are features that bungalow home owners can incorporate into their design to give it a little something extra. Exposed rafters and ridge beams are other common elements that bungalow houses are designed with. When put together, you’re given a warm and charming exterior of a home for not only the family, but also for those that are simply driving by.

Bungalow House Plans Provide Open and Efficient Living Areas

The interior of a bungalow house style is open and informal so families aren’t disconnected from each other throughout the day. You will find bungalow homes with the bedrooms, kitchen, dining areas, and bathrooms grouped around a central living area. This family-friendly design is great for families with children, as well as couples that enjoy a cozy living space that can also work well for entertaining. Bungalow house floor plans come in single story and one and a half story layouts where most of the living areas are designed for the first level.

While the windows can give the exterior a welcoming facade, they are made to provide the interior with natural sunlight that helps promote the feel of the open floor plan. A bungalow home plan is generally smaller in size than other styles, architects have developed designs that efficiently use the available space so rooms present homeowners with the amount of space they need for their daily activities. The cozy atmosphere is highly desired for families that want the room to spend quality time together, as well as giving each individual the personal space they require.

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