Southern House Plans


Southern House Plans Feature Designs with Hospitality and Poise

The South is known for its humid climate and warm summer days. In the past, southern homes were built to accommodate the typical weather conditions with airy and tall ceilings. Relaxing front porches provide an outdoor living area under the shade for families and friends on peaceful afternoons. The symmetric homes can be as large or as small as you want to fit within the land you own while still incorporating the prestigious Southern house plan. If you enjoy entertaining, Southern house plans are a great way to give your guests the interior space you need, as well as a charming outdoor living area that company will love to take advantage of.


Southern Homes Blend the Past and Present Together

Over time, Southern style house plans have incorporated modern ideas with those of Federal and Greek Revival styles. Today, we still expect impressive balconies, deep porches, and columns on the exterior with the interior’s grand staircases and cornices. Custom southern home living will give you the chance to have the elements you want from the southern architecture while getting it to match your personal preferences and progressive lifestyle.

The exterior of a Southern home will most commonly be made of brick, stucco, or wood. Pitched or gabled roofs that are medium or shallow in height are typically used with this style and are supported by the home’s exterior columns. This roof gives a wide and shady perimeter that is incorporated into the peaceful porch. Another common characteristic with Southern home plans are the shuttered windows and attractive flower boxes.

The wrap around porches, which has been a regular element with Southern houses, gives a touch of the hospitality aspect that families in the pre-Civil war era enjoyed. The porch is a way to give friends, family, and neighbors a place to sit in the shade and visit with each other. The inviting atmosphere is created with the porch and columns that are found in the front of the house. Two story Southern floor plans will carry the columns to the second floor to make the balcony that can also wrap around the home for deep upstairs porches.


A Charming Interior comes with Southern Living House Plans

While the exterior of a southern house can often be distinguished by the wrap around porch and columns, the interior will continue the hospitality with an open floor plan that presents your family members and guests an easy layout that flows nicely together. A custom floor plan gives you a chance to express your wants and needs from the architect and work together to design a plan that will be most useful to you.

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