Simple One Story House Plans

Simple One Story House Plans are for Your Individual Lifestyle

A simple home design is perfect for those that want to save money building their new home but don’t want to sacrifice things like storage space, style, and functionality. Custom home designers can match your lifestyle with the things you’re looking for in a home and create a simple floor plan that caters to those needs. In order to build a home you truly love, think about what the space is going to be used for and make the room to be managed accordingly.

Simple Home Plans Feature Chic and Stylish Rooms

Many people think that simple house plans won’t have the sense of style they want their home to exhibit. However, you can still create a simple home design that reflects your fashion preferences by using a simple layout. Simple floor plans can save you money when you carefully plan the arrangement of rooms. Personally choosing the materials is another way you can save a great deal of money. Find items that are high in quality, but aren’t the most expensive option, so you will still get what you want without the hefty price tag.

Designing rooms to save money is another technique many simple houses follow. Keeping the kitchen and bathrooms close together can result in lower costs to heat the water, as well as reducing the expenditure of plumbing materials. You can also strategically place electrical, heating, and cooling systems close together to save money on maintenance and material costs throughout the years.

Simple One Story Home Designs Reflect Your Everyday Life

Unlike some of the other home designs you have to choose from, a simple home plan will take into account the activities you do each day and create rooms that cater to those interests. You can look through pre-drawn simple home plans and modify them to match your personal style. Look for wasted space and find ways to change them so the area becomes resourceful. Storage areas in smaller homes with a simple floor layout are important. Carefully think about how much space you need to store items so you will be able to comfortably fit what you need in a room without cluttering the living areas.

In order to create a simple house plan, work with an architect to help you find what exactly you want out of the home and learn techniques that can be used to achieve the perfect balance of style and resourcefulness. Make a list that includes what you need to have in your home all the way down to things that you would like, but don’t need to include. As you continue to think of things, add to the list so you will be sure to remember any requests you want in the final design.

Keep in mind things like your daily activities, personal preferences, and lifestyle to help create a layout that will combine all of those things together so you’re left with a home you enjoy waking up in and coming home to everyday. Consider the things in previous homes that you didn’t like. Express your dislikes to the architect to ensure that they will be avoided in the final design.

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