One Story House Plans

One story home plans can be any style of home. The homes can be small or large, cottage-like or sprawling. It just depends on your preferences.

One story home plans offer the advantage of not having staircases to maneuver. This can be of particular benefit in several instances. If someone in your family is wheelchair-bound or otherwise has difficulty maneuvering stairs,one story home plans will provide fewer challenges in daily home life. Everything being on one level makes every day a little bit easier for someone who would have difficulties negotiating stairs.

Another situation where you might prefer one story home plans is if you have small children living in the house. Not having to navigate stairs can make things a little less worrisome with regards to your childproofing in your home. You won't need to be sure to gate off the access to the staircase in order to prevent falls. You'll have less of a safety concern as far as open windows in the house too, if the farthest distance between window and ground is just a few feet.

There are some potential negatives to choosing one story home plans as well, and you'll just need to balance those with your preferences and priorities when deciding on your home. Such homes utilize a larger footprint than the same square footage in two story homes. This may mean means sacrificing some lot space, and may limit your choices for outdoor recreation at home.

Heating and cooling systems are likely to be more spread out in a one story home, so therefore more expensive. Likewise with the pipework in your home...the more the distance the plumbing needs to travel, the higher the expenses. These things will tend to be more compact in a two story home, so therefore less expensive.

One story homes will tend to have twice as much roofing expense as their two story counterparts. This is an initial additional expense you'll want to consider.

On the other hand, you may tend to have a bit more built-in privacy with one story home plans, as the same square footage may tend to leave more space between and around individual lots. It may also decrease housing density for similar reasons, which can be beneficial in many ways, including less traffic in the neighborhood.

One story home plans may offer some noise benefits as well. If you can be on the opposite end of the house from the piano practice (or band practice in the garage), you may get to enjoy more peace and quiet than if that piano was in the living room below your den. Likewise with the pitter patter of little can be just as adorable, and perhaps more enjoyable, when that pitter patter is not right overhead.

When it comes right down to it, all styles of homes are going to have potential positives and negatives. You just have to decide for yourself which positives and negatives are the most important for you, and decide on your home plans from there.

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