One Story Home Plans


One Story House Plans Provide Versatility with Open Floor Plans

Single story floor plans appeal to many people because they give families with different age groups various benefits. Older adults and young children don’t have to worry about dangerous stairways, homeowners have less expensive energy bills, and the house is easier to clean. There are numerous residential home styles that can be used to develop a one story home. Working with a custom home designer allows you to fulfill any desire you want with your home, whether it’s practical or extravagant. One story houses can be large or small depending on your own personal preference.

Safe Floor Plans the Whole Family can Take Advantage Of

If you have, or plan to have children, stairs can be a main concern. Having one less worry is highly desired by parents, which is why many choose to build a single story home in order to avoid having an accident take place. Older adults who see stairs as a hassle usually prefer having every room on the same story to make moving from room to room easier and safer. If safety is a main concern, one story homes are easier for a family to vacate in the event of a fire.

For those that are trying to help the planet and choose green methods, there are many different techniques that can be used with a single family home. Not only will you be reducing the toxins in the atmosphere, you will also be giving your friends and family a healthier setting. In addition to helping the environment, you will also be saving money on bills by using better construction methods.
Adults that pay the bills may find that single family homes typically cost less to keep the house at a comfortable temperature. This is mainly so because there isn’t as much space to heat or cool. Depending on the neighborhood, one story home plans will take up more lawn space than two story homes. For those that want to save money, smaller yards to water and maintain may be of interest to you.

One Story Floor Plans are Ideal for Large Plots of Land

Since the rooms in a single family home are spread out horizontally rather than vertically like a two story home, they are more suited for larger plots of land. Open floor plans are popular with one story homes to blend each room together with poise. Custom designing a single story house plan is limited only by your imagination. Without an upper floor, attractive elements to a home, such as varying ceiling heights, are easier to create.

Custom single story house plans can be developed to incorporate specific elements that match your personal likes and dislikes. The different types of residential architecture styles present countless ways to construct the exterior of the home and the distinct features that are found within. Working with an experienced designer allows you to express what you want most out of the home and what, if anything, you want to avoid. Whether it’s to allow easy movement to and from each room, give children a safe environment, or to save on energy bills, one story homes can easily handle your requirements.

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