Modern Home Plans


Modern home plans can encompass any sort of vision you have for your home. Maybe you are tired of living in traditional style home plans. Maybe the sameness of the traditional styles is not something you want for yourself. Maybe you'd like to explore your own artistic vision, or look through stock home plans of someone else's visions to see if they match your own. Maybe you'd like your home to stand out as individualized and separate, to help demonstrate your personality.

Modern home plans may tend to be boxy looking with strong clean lines in the architecture. Often they utilize materials such as concrete and metal, glass and chrome, materials which imply an industrial connection. They can be stark, bright buildings, or classic industrial looking buildings. You might want to look for a modern home plan that offers more light during the day, due to strategically placed windows that better allow the sunshine in. Maybe you want nearly no windows.

While Modern home plans have some differences in design, there are some similarities to the more traditional homes as well. You'll still need to decide on such things as bedroom and bathroom number. You'll still need to decide on the type of roof, and the materials you want for the roof. The overall process will likely be similar to that with more traditional house plans, if you're building with Modern home plans; you'll just end up with a different finished product.

Basements and attics are uncommon with Modern home plans. Carports are common but you can certainly design your home the way you want it. If you'd prefer a full garage to a carport, your builders can work with you to give you the house you're looking for. If you need more space for storage, there's surely a design feature that will work for you.
Modern home plans may incorporate a more open house plan than you're used to. If your preference is for clearly delineated rooms, with perhaps a center hall, you might want to look into other options. You may be able to talk with your builder about designing your modern home with a floor plan like that. However, modern homes often tend to have open floor plans where one room flows into another without walls to break up the visual flow. Modern homes often break the rules for home design. This may be just what you're looking for if you want to show your personality and individualism. On the other hand, maybe you've always been the wall flower type, and like this style of architecture precisely because it can speak for you where you can not. You will need to decide whether a typical modern house plan will suit your needs, or if, in order to really express yourself, you need to work with your builder on a custom home as much of an individual as you are.

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