Mediterranean House Plans


Mediterranean House Plans Feature Distinct Characteristics

A lot of Mediterranean homes today are built for their ability to remain cool in areas that are known to have a warmer climate. Many homeowners in southern states, including Texas, Arizona, Florida, and California choose this type of house plan and take advantage of the various forms that are available. There are a few distinct characteristics that make up a Mediterranean home plan that helps distinguish itself from other house plans, such as French, Modern, and Plantation designs.


A Mediterranean Home's Exterior Offers a Unique Look

While the interior of a Mediterranean home design will have certain characteristics, the exterior can normally be identified by the brick or stucco walls that are generally painted a cream color that contrasts the home’s roof. The roof can be brightly colored roof tiles, usually in a reddish tone, or covered with terra cotta. A low-pitched gable or hipped roof is also common with a Mediterranean house floor plan.

When you look for windows on a Mediterranean home you will usually find casements that are framed by wood, wrought iron grills, or second story balconies. The windows and doors may be arched instead of the usual rectangular shape. The side or front wall with this type of house plan may extend itself to form a porch or courtyard entrance.

Garages are either attached or detached depending on your preference. It can also be made into the form of a casita for a guest house. The upper floor will often include a veranda or balcony to take advantage of a home’s view. When building a custom home plan you will have the option of working with designers to create the exterior look you will fall in love with.


Asymmetrical Floor Plans are Popular with Mediterranean Houses

Mediterranean floor plans include gabled walls to make the house into an L or U-shape. This initially allows for the courtyard to be centrally located and easily assessable to various rooms in the home. Mediterranean homeowners often enjoy how easy it is to entertain with this accommodation. The shape of the home also allows an open breeze to flow through the house during pleasant days or evenings.

The interior of a Mediterranean style home features an open floor plan with high ceilings. While walls can be painted in any color, most often you will find similar colors of the home’s natural surroundings. You can easily match the crimson or green tropical foliage, the blue sea, or the orange shimmer of sand and sun. Lively reds, terra cottas, yellows, blues, and greens are popular choices among Mediterranean homeowners.

Tile is also a common feature in Mediterranean home floor plans. Tile will keep your feet cool during the summer months, which is why it is popular in kitchens, bathrooms, and walkways. Travertine, granite, and limestone are favorites and come in a variety of colors that can match any style.

Mediterranean house plans traditionally have a lot of details in various parts of the home. You can have the option to include carved doors, columns, decorative railings, and carved pattern stonework that allow a home to match your style. You will find there are plenty of designs already created that you can choose from or you can work to make your own custom look.

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