Glossary of Terms F-N

Glossary of Terms F-N

Finial- An ornament that tops a gable, pinnacle, or other architectural feature.

Foundation Outline – A dimensioned footprint showing necessary drops and location of plumbing fixtures. Seperate from a structural foundation.

Frieze- A decorative horizontal band along the wall of a room.

Gable- The triangular end of an exterior wall, formed by the sloping ends of a ridged roof.

Gambrel Roof- A roof with a double slope on each of its two sides.

Hipped Roof- A roof with four equally sloped sides.

Home Owners Association - The HOA, is a legal entity created by developers for the purpose of managing a development. HOA’s provide services, regulate activities, levy assessments, and may impose fines. An HOA’s governance is not subject to the Constitutional constraints that public government must abide by, therefore, an HOA can enforce its actions through the threat and levying of fines, and private legal action.

Historical Society Guidelines & Restrictions – Their focus is on the preservation of the significant history of a region and can affect the style of a home or even the ability of a property owner to build or remodel on a piece of property. In many cases, a Historical Society can substantially affect the design and construction of homes or structures.

Keystone- The wedge-shaped stone found at the center of an arch.

Lattice- An openwork structure of crossing lats or thin strips of wood or metal.

Lintel- A horizontal structural member over an opening, ususally supporting the weight of the load above it.

Loggia- A roofed open gallery. It differs froma a veranda or porch in being more architectural and more important to the elevation.

Lot Survey- It defines property boundaries by showing the property lines, bearings, and curve data for all sides of the property. The survey sometimes show the setbacks and locates the utility poles.

Marketing Plan – A one-page brochure created from the final construction drawings, showing the floorplan with room names and sizes, and the front elevation or rendering. This brochure is used for marketing purposes.

Millwork Blockup – Basic drawings of the interior finish components such as cabinets, wall elevations, mantels, and crown molding, etc.

Molding- A continuous decorative band, (interior or exterior).

Mullion- A bar (window or door) that divides and supports the panes.

Newel- the toThe post at p or bottom of a stairway, supporting the handrail.

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