French House Plans

French House Plans Feature Plenty of Style

French home designs offer distinct characteristics that projects elegance and class. You will find there are a few common characteristics that make up a French home plans, including the exterior roof, walls, and windows. As with many other house plans, you can create your own look while still maintaining the French design. There are other house plans that resemble the architecture that French designs contain, yet French homes maintain their own unique look. French homes gained popularity after World War I, and have remained in style where there is more of a French influence.

Exterior Detailing Shows off Beautiful French Features

French home plans can follow three different designs: asymmetrical, symmetrical, and towered. Asymmetrical homes are the more common design that is found and can often be distinguished by having the main entry to the side of the home. Symmetrical plans will generally have hip roofs with the main entry door centrally located and have its formal living areas in the front of the homes with wing walls that are built to the sides of the main structure. Towered designs can be singled out by the main entrance at the prominent round tower.

The roof is the most characterized feature of a French home. While it can have various designs, it will usually be high with steeply pitched hips at various heights. Other features can include decorative half timbering facades and flared rafter tails. The exterior walls of a French home is often made by stone, brick, or stucco siding. The windows are usually narrow and tall with shutters. Tall windows on the second floor can also break through the cornice. French designs are known to have an asymmetrical placement of the windows to only complete the unique attraction. Doorways in a French home are often arched providing character to both the interior and exterior entryways.

French House Plans Include Private Wings for Quiet Bedrooms

In order to keep the living and sleeping areas separate from each other, French homes will often have its bedrooms located on wings to the sides of the main living area. A formal pool, garden, or patio is usually designed to be included in a courtyard that is often found off of the bedroom, kitchen, or dining room. For those that enjoy entertaining, having a private courtyard that is located right off of the kitchen is highly favored and provides plenty of space for guests.

French homes have the flexibility that allows the homeowner to work with the designer and have custom details found throughout the house. French homes can include an open floor plan that will make the living areas appear larger by the spacious design. French house plans can be planned to fit smaller lot sizes while maintaining the distinguishing exterior finishes. Large estates can also take advantage of the charm that French homes are known for. This type of home can also provide families to have visitors over while still providing a quiet bedroom area for children to sleep.

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