Empty Nestor Home Plans


At Home with the Empty Nester

Oh, the thrill of exploring Empty Nester Home Plans is one that many baby-boomers are experiencing these days.  The big home that was once filled with lots of family and gatherings around the dinner table are in the past now that the kids are all away at school or living on their own.  In spite of the current facts that say lots of kids these days are returning home to live after college, there are still significant numbers of moms and dads as well as single parents that have the freedom to explore a new lifestyle under a new roof.  Empty Nester Home Plans are sometimes hard to find because there are so many variations due to the desire to customize space and provide for special needs and wants.

Here is where the best Empty Nester Home Plans are only discovered from the very best and most creative house designers in the industry.  Most designs remain under 3000 square feet and the essential rooms are the ones most lived in like the Master Bedroom and Bath as well as the Kitchen or the Home Office.  Master suites among these Empty Nester Home Plans are sumptuous and inviting.  And they are usually located on the first floor and convenient to the rest of the house. 

And there are other amenities that are a part of an Empty Nesters house plan that are not necessarily common to other types of homes.  Many moms and dads these days are more tech savvy even though their children are wizards with technology.  So many plans contain special “communications rooms” for handling emails, paying bills, looking through the Internet, or storing data for various personal interests.  Empty Nester House plans cater to healthier living with kitchens that contain well placed appliances that are more advantageous to the single parent or the couple who prepares light meals and does not want to run a full size dishwasher every day.

A home of this type will usually be smaller but the space is more usable yet comfortable and convenient.  Carefree living in a home designed specifically for the empty nester who travels is away from the home a lot is a desire that is seen among empty nesters.  Homes for the Empty Nester are now located in areas that are more convenient to a variety of grocery stores, small restaurants, and close to parks or walking trails.  Living outside the home and being active is a characteristic of the empty nester and freedom from schedules is a must.

Empty Nester Home Plans are usually characterized by large oversized windows that let in lots of light and provide the feeling of openness.  Exterior finishes are maintenance free and are usually found to be stucco, stone or combination masonry.  Roof lines are often Side Gabled for esthetic purposes and provide for the most adequate types of insulation and HVAC efficiency.  Often there is a desire for two stories for future company visiting for the weekend but still there is the Master suite on the first floor.  In fact all of the main necessities are housed on the first floor where an empty nester tends to live the most.

An Empty Nester home plan is a very well thought out structure and the key for anyone who requires convenience, simplicity, efficiency, and a casual lifestyle is the home designer who understands and is experienced in providing for all those amenities.

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