Eclectic House Plans


The 1950’s brought out the best in Art Deco and in the 1960’s Americans began mixing styles and the Eclectic House plans emerged as a strange but personal reflection of one’s own sense of style.  To be sure, these plans were one-of-a-kind and created an approval for the out of the ordinary and progressive design for a home.  So ever since that time, designers have been offering the opportunity for any homeowner to explore the possibilities for mixing styles in a clever and creative way that makes the Eclectic Home plan a viable option for anyone who is adventurous, creative and perhaps well traveled.  

Today we are seeing a variety of that have evolved and identified further such as the Neo-Eclectic Colonial and the Neo-Eclectic Mediterranean.  And of course there are other forms that have been labeled with the “Neo-“ tag and the reality is that any home that leans toward a particular style but incorporates design elements of other styles is truly “eclectic” by definition.  And thanks to the professionalism and expertise of the great designers the mix of styles has turned out the most unique and creative structures that compliment the neighborhoods and provide a special touch to any outstanding residential community. 

When a plan is labeled as an Eclectic Home plan, there will be the presence of mixed styles where one might see a Queen Anne Turret with mixtures of Federal and French influences.  The Eclectic home combines styles that have been around for centuries as if they have been waiting for someone with an unusual artistic sense to put them together.  Exterior finishes are left to be combined by the use of brick, perhaps along side stucco or siding.  Even the use of faux materials has a place within the non-existent boundaries of set design. 

Interiors of Eclectic homes can vary in style as much as the overall building designs.  The variation in interior designs usually comes from someone who has traveled extensively and has adopted a fancy for a variety of unique and cultural design elements.  As with the exteriors, there are really no rules on what finishes go with which.  The key is to incorporate the eye of an expert home designer or interior designer to incorporate elements of color, space and placement for the right theme to emerge in a way that says this eclectic home is “coordinated”.   

Many have heard the term McMansions and this too is an example of the Eclectic house.  They are usually oversized and pretentious and they are often described as cheaply constructed, with inexpensive materials and a whole plethora of mixed details.  So you see, when someone says “eclectic” they are really saying, “Anything Goes” and they are usually right about that.  The eclectic house plan is a melting pot just as our culture is a melting pot of people, cultures and opinions. 

An Eclectic home can be weird, strange, unconventional, and unusual.  However, when a homeowner truly wants their living space to be a perfect reflection of who they are, there are no rules on how the design conforms, just the element of balance that can be administered by the professional designer to turn an eclectic home into a living work of art.

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