Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Many people choose to have a custom home built so they’re able to live in a place where they love everything about the house. Semi-custom homes will generally use a design that was created from a contractor, but many people may not like some of the features that have been included. In order to ensure that the home is built entirely how you want it, you will need to hire a residential designer. Of course, you shouldn’t hire the first one you come across. There are a few things you need to learn about the house designer to make sure you will get along with each other and work well together. Knowing that the he or she understands what your goal is also important to ensure they go in the right direction Read more on choosing a residential designer

Monday, February 22, 2010

Modern Home Plans

If you're looking to build with modern house plans, you probably prefer the open, airy floor plan house design to a more traditional design with individual rooms separated by a hallway. There's certainly no reason you can't get your separate rooms if that's what you want in your modern house, but it may take a bit more work with your builder. If you prefer the typical modern style home, it might make for an easier time of it. Typically modern homes have rooms that are open to each other, and use a lot of industrial-type materials in the construction. Now, traditional homes might also use some of these materials, like concrete and class, and chrome and mirror, but they are likely to be used more in the building stage than in the finished details of the home. Modern house plans may also tend to use the materials throughout the house, and not just in smaller details like chrome accents in bathrooms in traditional homes, for instance. To read more on modern home plans
If you begin to look at small home plans, you might want to focus on your reason for choosing small home plans. Are you choosing a smaller home so that you can have more available funds to fund other things, like your retirement, or children's college educations? Are you choosing one so that you can leave less of a carbon footprint and environmental impact on the world? It costs less money and uses less energy to heat and cool smaller homes. Are you perhaps just choosing a small home plan because you don't feel you need extra house to take care of and maintain and the small house will suit your needs?

Whatever your reason, you should be able to find plans that suit you. You may also be able to find a home on the market that suits your needs, but if you're looking to build, you'll want to share your priorities with your builder. In order to get just the house you want, you may look at the stock house plans, or you may choose to have a home custom built. Even if you choose a stock plan, you may be able to make some alterations to it to perfectly suit you. Read more about small home plans

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Stock Home Plans

Stock home plans are pre-drawn plans that are available to build from. If you want to build your own home, but aren't very particular about some of the smaller details, you might choose to look through stock home plans. You can search through them depending on the priorities that are highest on your list. You can search for them by bedroom number, or special feature. You can choose a home based on the architectural style, and focus only on the cottage style, or ranch style homes you want. You can choose your home based on the size of home you're looking for.

Stock plans may offer you the option of making some changes to them, so you might want to keep that possibility in mind. Remember to keep in mind that if changes to the stock plans are possible, most likely there are additional charges included in making the changes. If you know the kinds of things you want in your house, and would like it to be built specifically for you, stock home plans may be for you. If you want a more personalized home, but aren't particular about every detail, this might be the choice for you. Talk with your builder to see if stock home plans or a custom house plan are the best fit for you. Read more about custom home plans

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Custom House Plans

If you'd like to help design your home from step one, you might be interested in a custom house plan. With custom house plans, you have the opportunity to be involved in the creation of your home from the very beginning. You can weigh in about the number of total rooms you want, and where you want the bedrooms located. You can decide if it's ok for you to deal with a master suite off by itself, or if you like to have the bedrooms all located together. Do you want a finished basement, or just one for storage space? Being involved with the plans means you get to speak your mind about the details you want to see in the house, and make things the way you want them. Sure you could go house hunting and look through the existing inventory of homes, but if there's nothing there that matches your vision of your dream house, then you'll just have to decide about settling for the best of the bunch. Instead of settling, get involved, and get the home of your dreams by working with a builder on your custom house plans. Yes, you really can have it your way. Read more about custom house plans

Monday, February 1, 2010

One Story Home Plans

One story home plans are designed for people who, for whatever reason, prefer a single story to a two story home. This may be because there is someone in the family who has some difficulties with stairs. It may be because you prefer the layout of your home to be more spread out than it would be with a two story home.

Just as with any style of home, there are pluses and minuses to one story home plans. You need to determine which pluses and minuses apply to your lifestyle, and what your priorities are, in order to choose the best style home for you.

You need to decide if you'd prefer to have more of your yard available to you to use outdoors, or if you want or need the layout to be a single story. You need to balance what you're looking for outside your home with what you're looking for inside your home, and decide on your home's features and details based on those factors.

Once you've decided on which things are important to you regarding your house, choosing your house design should become an easier decision to make. Once you make these decisions, you can look forward to enjoying your home at the end of the process. Read more on one story home plans

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Large Home Plans

Large home plans can be suitable for a lot of home buyers. Large homes can be built on large lots or small ones, depending on what best suits your needs. You have more opportunities for extra rooms for designated use if you are looking at large home plans. While smaller house plans may make you compromise on the usage of a room, and combine rooms in some cases, large home plans give you the option to assign a dedicated title to a specific room. So, maybe you'll no longer have to have that living room that also serves as your home office in one nook or corner. Now you can choose to have a living room, and still have the space to have a separate home office in an extra bedroom or den.

Large homes can offer owners plenty of space to entertain and relax. With your large home, you'll no longer have to worry about cramming everyone in your smallish living room when you host your big annual party, or host a regular bridge club. Instead, you'll be able to host that family reunion, or invite people over for drinks, and know that there's plenty of room to mingle and enjoy each other's company. Read more on large home plans

Two Story Home Plans

two story home plans offer some advantages and some disadvantages. In order to decide on a two story vs. a one story home for your family, you'll have to decide which of the advantages and disadvantages apply to you, and which style house best suits your needs. Two story houses take up less space in a given lot, and allow you more square footage for the same footprint size. However, two story houses can present some difficulties for people who may have challenges negotiating staircases and steps. While these difficulties can be addressed and accommodated, if you don't care for the way they are accommodated, it might make you more likely to decide upon a one story house. If you want to have all of the bedrooms in one area of the house, you might prefer a one story house plan. Two story house plans that included bedroom suites are unlikely to have all the bedrooms clustered on the main level. In that situation, you'd need to decide which of your bullet points is the higher priority. There are pros and cons to all styles of homes, so you just need to figure out which one will work best for you and your family. Read more about two story house plans

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mansion House Plans

If you're looking for mansion house plans, you need to be sure to consider your priorities in choosing your home's amenities. You will want to be sure you're matching your home design to your lifestyle. If you regularly entertain, you may want the focus on some of your larger spaces and extra rooms being on public spaces in the house, such as living rooms and kitchen or great room spaces. You may want to include a full gym if you spend a good amount of time exercising, or just a little nook off of another room if you only have a piece or two of preferred exercise equipment. Perhaps you will choose a large porch or deck for entertaining, if the weather in your area is nice enough for a lot of outdoor entertaining. Determining the materials and design of your outdoor spaces may help you design the amenities you want for the outside of your home. Do you want a large barbecue area, or do you want an entire outdoor kitchen, including a sink and refrigerator? Inside the house or out, whichever your choices, whatever you pick, be sure your home reflects your personality and the dynamics of your lifestyle. Read more about Mansion Home Plans

luxury House Plans

When you begin to look into luxury house plans, your best bet is knowing what it is you want from a house. You will be better able to decide upon features you need or don't need, if you know more specifically what is is you hope to get from the house. Will you use a library, or would you prefer to use the square footage on a game room, for instance? You may want to include a wet bar or a home theater in your luxury house plans. Are you looking to spend a lot of time entertaining, or is most of the space in this home intended for you to enjoy quietly on your own? This may make a difference in the way you choose to design your rooms. Bathrooms and kitchens are popular rooms for upgrades, including kitchen appliances, and building materials. Granite tends to be a popular choice for counters in both of these rooms. A large home is likely to require a lot of storage space, so be sure to investigate how much of that is offered as well. Large closets are a bonus, and an extra large garage can house more cars, or can provide space for a workshop. Read more about luxury Home Plans.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Take a look at our other Townhome Plans

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


“A house is a machine for living in.”
— Le Corbusier


It starts with the land. The site. The space.

Earth. Grass and trees. Wind. Sky. Air, light and water. A concrete slab in the ground. Empty space.

Then there is energy. Walls, and then windows, and doors. They capture the air. They focus the light. They harness the energy, channel it. They frame the space.

Gradually, they assemble, piece by piece, connecting, growing. It is evolutionary. It is organic.

A living thing.

It starts with the house. A single-family house. A two-story. Or a one-story. Or maybe a townhouse. A mid-rise. A condominium. A loft. Urban, suburban or rural.

A patio? A garden? A greenhouse. A green. house. A beach house. A swimming pool! A fountain in the middle of a lake, arching to the sky.

Then there is the style: Old World. Mediterranean. Tuscan. Country French. Spanish. English. Spanish Colonial. A Hacienda. French Colonial. Traditional, or modern.

Brick. Wood. Stone. Elements, materials and details. Steps and stairs. Gables and eaves. Turrets. Maybe towers. The fireplace.

It is all connected. There is a method to the madness: A constant repetition of a single, simple formula: replication. Consistency of proportion. Symmetry. Unity. Purity. It is aesthetic.

A living work of art.

It starts with the person. A living human being. More than one, or several. A family.

Celebrations. Laughter. Guests. Community. Some call it the living room. Or the family room. Or just, the “big room.” From where they sit, they can see the fountain in the middle of the lake. It surges. With it, they raise their glasses to the sky.

Graduations. Marriage. Births, and deaths. Coming and going. Small becomes big. And the old becomes new. A new energy.

And a house becomes a home.


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

We have entered one our town house plans in the 29th annual builders choice design and planning awards.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

New Articles

Just posted new two new articles Custom Home Plans and Victorian Home Plans


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Inner City Home Plan D5096

D5096 is a modern home plan is 3353 square feet has three bedrooms plus a den/media room and is perfect for inner city areas

Just wanted to let everyone know that we will be at the new home and remodel show this weekend at reliant center

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Home Plan c4169


This 6226 square foot home plan is one our more popular luxury house plans. This 5 bedroom 5 1/2 bath house plan offers many features of a mansion home design such as an exercise room, library, and game room.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

building on inner city lots

While many people prefer to live in the suburbs, Preston Wood & Associates recognize that some want to build their home in the heart of the city. Building your urban home plan on an inner city lot can be drastically different than building a house plan in the suburbs. For one the lots size tends to be smaller forcing you to build your inner city home plan up instead of out. It is not uncommon to see three and four story home plans being built in the inner city. Stricture building codes and different setback requirements are also things that one has to consider when building urban house plans. These are only some of the reasons for finding a residential design firm that has experience working on inner city houses. When developing TND projects, short for traditional neighborhood development, There may be guide lines that can influence both remodels and new home plans. So whether you have are remodeling an existing urban house or looking for a new urban home plan design it is your best interests to consult an experienced residential design firm

Monday, March 9, 2009

Mediterranean Home Plans

There are few house plan styles that are as distinctive as a Mediterranean home.
With their unique look Mediterranean Homes Elicit images from countries like Italy, Morocco and Spain. Built primarily in warmer climates, Mediterranean house plans are seen frequently in states such as Californian, Florida, Texas, and Arizona. Whether it is a one or multiple story plans a Mediterranean house has many unique characteristics.
Mediterranean Home Plans Offers a Distinct Look
The exterior of a Mediterranean home plan can normally be identified by the stucco or brick walls that are usually a cream color that sets off the home’s roof. A Mediterranean home’s roof will generally have a tiled roof made out red clay or synthetic tiles. Roof tiles are used because they tend not to absorb heat and help reflect sunlight helping to keep the home cool. Arched doorways and windows opening into courtyards are also commonly found in Mediterranean style home. You will usually find balconies on the second floor overlooking courtyards Mediterranean floor plans are usually designed to make the house into an L or U-shape. This initially allows for a centrally located courtyard that can be easily accessed from multiple rooms. You can usually find an open floor plan on the inside of Mediterranean designed house. So if you are looking for a home with a very distinct look of Mediterranean home plans may be the way to go

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Two story home plans

A Preston Wood Designed Two Story Home Provides Plenty of Options

Preston wood and associates have designed all types of two story home plans that can be enjoyed by families of every size. Whether you are building a mansion home plan in the suburbs or a small home plan in the inner city we have the experience it takes to design your ideal home. We also have a large selection of stock two story home plans to choose from ranging from luxury home plans to narrow three story houses. Our designers can also take your ideas and customize one our stock home plans to meet your needs

You can always build up instead of out on smaller plots of land

Building a two story house is a more efficient use of space so why let a small plot of land deter you from building your dream home. Preston Wood & Associates can work with you to find the perfect plan for a narrow or small lot.

Adding a second floor can save you money
If you want to increase the square footage of your home plan adding a second floor is less expensive alternative than expanding the first floor. Two story homes create smaller footprints therefore requiring less site prep. The big savings though come from having smaller foundations and roof plans this really helps cut back on building materials

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Luxury Home Plans

A Preston Wood Designed Luxury Home Plan Provides Owners with Choices

Whether it is a custom home plan or one our luxury stock mansion plans, Preston Wood and Associates has the knowledge and experience to make your dream of owning a luxury home a reality. We are experts in taking your ideas and incorporating them into the custom design or finding the perfect home plan from our large collection of stock house plans.

We can work within a variety of budgets

We understand that in our current economy every dollar counts. That is why we offer several different options when buying your luxury home plan. The first option is to a pick plan from our catalog of stock luxury home plans. The second is to have one of our stock plans customized to meet your needs. Finally have a conversation with one of our designers and let us custom design your home.
We encourage our customers to collaborate with the designers in order to incorporate their personality and style into the design of their luxury floor plan.

We can work with any style of plan

Luxury house plans come in a variety architectural styles. Our designers are adept at creating floor plans that match the architectural style that you prefer. We also have the capability of adding any type of feature you would like such as guest suites, media rooms, wine vaults, elevators, and even a panic room if you desire.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Garden Home Plans

Jack Preston Wood Garden Home Plans are designed to make you feel warm and insulated from the stress and clutter of the outside world. Simplicity is a virtue when it comes planning your life. Garden Homes are planned as symmetrically proportional dwellings that minimize excess on the material level and maximize experience on the emotional level. Moving into a Jack Preston Wood garden home is like moving into your own private Eden where human living space resides right in the heart of Nature’s beauty.

The charm and ambience of our garden home plans is a result of the less-is-more approach we take to square footage.
English author Edmund Burke once wrote that our concepts of beauty are rooted in our appreciation of the diminutive. We appear to find comfort in things that do not overwhelm our senses, and simple designs that bring to us sense of balance and proportion. Jack Preston Wood garden home plans have a bit of Burke’s idealism sketched into their blue prints. None of them are so grand as to overwhelm you with the feeling of too much space, and none of them provide excessive open space where guests may invite themselves unannounced.

Our garden home plans feature designs ranging from 898 sq. feet to 1500 sq. feet.
Young couples like these smaller homes because they are ideal for entertaining best friends, next door neighbors, and occasionally visiting parents. They find that the smaller “cottage effect” politely discourages well-intentioned—but less settled friends—from planning parties in their garden home. Senior couples love quiet aloofness such a home creates for them, and the innate sense of retirement such a setting brings.

Our larger garden homes feature floor plans of 1500 sq. feet to 2,079 sq. feet.
Couples who have two or three children will easily find enough room to live and to grow in these larger garden homes. Designed with small families in mind, these homes often feature a downstairs master suite for the parents and multiple upstairs bedrooms for children or relatives. Our largest garden home plan even features an upstairs loft, where you can plant a roof garden, grow herbs, or gaze down on the flowers and foliage growing just below around the Porte Cochere entrance to your garage.

Garden Home Plans divide public living space from private living space so every member of the family has their own special place to retreat and relax.
Our garden home plans place the kitchen and dining areas near to the ground-floor garage, so quiet dining is never more than a few steps away from the car after a long day’s work. The living room is right next to the kitchen, so that after dinner you can set the dishwasher and relax for the evening with a book or your favorite movie.

Beach House Plans

We offer several beach house plans that offer residents a unique combination of amenable full-time living space and the unique enjoyments of life on the beach.

You can expect a fantastic view of the water and the full comforts of home when you invest in one of our beach house plans. Our homes are designed with full accommodation, amenity, and functionality in mind, and they offer the best in location and entertainment for children and guests.

Each beach house plan features a three story design.

The garage is on the first floor of every home. Drive through a stately Porte Cochere into a spacious two car space just right for the modern family. Enjoy the additional benefit of an adjacent room that can be used as a downstairs apartment, bedroom, or personal office. Many homeowners also use this room as a hobby room where they work with power tools on special projects, woodworking, or personal artwork.

The first story of every beach house is planned around lifestyle, activity, and entertainment.

The kitchen, breakfast, and dining room provide the central hub for dining and entertainment. Food preparation areas are close by where the family gathers to eat or hosts special guests. Because our beach house plans are intended designed to accommodate entertainment and enjoyment on all levels, we design a family room on one side of the kitchen and dining areas and a living room on the other. Both rooms have balconies that offer views of the sea. This allows you to entertain family members in one space and neighbors and friends in another.

As public and family space defines the second story of the beach house, time alone for couples and children define the second story.

Master suites and guest bedrooms are located on the second story, and utility rooms and bathrooms are also located conveniently here so no one has to go downstairs to get ready in the morning, or take care of laundry on the weekends. Every beach house plan also includes at the very least an upstairs balcony for a view of the ocean, and one plan even offers a roof top deck for panoramic, 360-view of the surroundings.

Get the best of both worlds with our beach house plans.

It is no longer necessary to choose between a nice home and a nice location. Gone are the days when a beach house was just a getaway haunt for weekend trips. Today’s beach home is a permanent living space in the best of locales, meant to be a true home in every since of the term. Call us today, and find a combination of style, harmony, and personal accommodation when you look at a beach house plan designed by our team.